Action Teams

CFN Action Teams develop regional strategies to accelerate change in specific food system priority areas. They comprise food system stakeholders, content experts, & community organizers.

The CFN & Action Team funders work together to secure resources in support of stipends & strategy implementation. Action Team members are selected through an application process. Teams are accountable to & supported by the funder(s) & the CFN. Once strategies have been developed, the Team’s work is complete. Regional issue-specific strategies contribute to a regional map for achieving the CFN Food System Vision.

Pilot Action Team

The CFN is launching a pilot Action Team focused on
Community Ownership, Empowerment, and Prosperity (COEP).

COEP is defined as communities of color and other under-resourced groups as drivers of positive change in their communities.

COEP Action Team members will develop ready-to-implement equity guidelines and a prioritized set of solutions aimed at reducing institutional inequities and growing economic opportunities, community ownership, and resilience. The goal is to develop people-led, community-based solutions, strategized and implemented by those living and working in the community.

Applications to select team members will be released in 2018.

Watch this webinar to find out more about the Community Ownership, Empowerment and Prosperity Action Team

"Time For Some Action: Making Moves Towards an Equitable Food System in the Chesapeake Foodshed"

A Chesapeake Foodshed Blog written about the COEP Action Team for Food Solutions New Englands’ Racial Equity Habit-Building Challenge.