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Videoconference Meetings | Chesapeake Foodshed Network


Videoconferencing enables face-to-face regional conversations from the comfort of our offices.

The CFN uses Zoom videoconferencing technology to dig in deeper on webinar topics, explore policy tactics, & host work groups & other meetings. Videoconferencing is virtual, easy to use, inexpensive, & provides a degree of connection & authenticity that is hard to achieve without meeting in-person. As with webinars, it also allows people to attend who cannot afford to travel for an in-person gathering. We also like that we are lowering our carbon footprint by reducing the amount of time we spend in our cars.  We know that nothing can replace connecting with someone in person, but we find this to be an excellent communication tool to enhance our connectivity across the entire Chesapeake foodshed.

Want to host a videoconference about a food system topic?

Pitch it to us and if it aligns with our mission, we can provide technical assistance and communications support for your online meeting.

Videoconference Request

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“Although initially a bit startling [to be on video], I found the Zoom format to be a great forum for discussion. I liked that we could hold a breakout session within the session.”

– Videoconference Meeting Attendee