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Current Good Food Policy & Action Examples…from the Chesapeake and Beyond | Chesapeake Foodshed Network

Good Food Policy & Action Examples...from the Chesapeake and Beyond

As Farm Bill 2018 Heats Up and State Legislative Sessions Near, Advocates Connect SNAP (food stamps) and Local Food Systems

Food and farm systems advocates are increasingly bridging farm viability and food access through the connection between SNAP and farmers.  Estimates indicate that for every dollar spent with food stamps, about $1.75 is generated for the local economy, much of which goes to food producers.  In fact, SNAP benefits spent at farmers’ markets have increased six-fold over the past seven years—a boon for small farmers and the momentum of the SNAP double value movement in the U.S.

Healthy Food Policy Project is Launched, Identifying Local Laws that Promote Healthy Food Access

Vermont Law School’s Center for Agriculture and Food Systems, the Public Health Law Center, and the Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity at UConn launched the Healthy Food Policy Project (HFPP) this month.  HFPP identifies and elevates local laws that promote acess to healthy food, and also contribute to strong local economies, an improved environment, and health equity, with a focus on socially disadvantaged and marginalized groups. The website, complete with a policy database and case studies, can help advocates, policy makers, and public health agencies champion healthy food access in their communities.