The CFN Webinar Series

The CFN offers webinars on high priority food system and network development topics to share innovative approaches, key findings, & lessons learned in order to reduce duplication, leverage knowledge, & grow our collective capacity. Some webinars are followed by regionally-focused videoconferences so you can dig in deeper from the comfort of your office or home.


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Presenter Bios

Noelle Harden, Univ. of MN Extension

Noelle has worked on food systems change in Minnesota for the last six years as an educator with the University of Minnesota Extension. Across all of her work, she seeks to disrupt systems that perpetuate inequity. To that end, Noelle has championed the implementation of participatory grantmaking as a strategy to build transformative relationships and disrupt the centralization of money and power that precludes systemic change in many contexts, including food and agriculture. Noelle’s educational background is in geography, agroecology and sustainable food production.  She has also farmed, started a mobile chicken processing business, and is currently co-chair of her community’s food policy council.

Jamie Bain, Univ. of MN Extension

Jamie Bain is a natural weaver, connector, and collaborator working on food justice through networks at the University of Minnesota Extension. Jamie believes that through authenticity, imagination, playfulness, and deep connectivity we can find the solution to life’s wicked problems together. She recognizes her inherent power as a cis-gendered, heterosexual, white female working for a large academic institution and living on land taken from the Dakota people in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Jamie uses her power to push for restorative justice within the white dominant circles she has the privilege of being invited into. She also listens and feels for common ground with communities and organizations who want to co-create a food system that is meant to nourish everyone. Jamie has an undergraduate degree in nutrition, a Master’s degree in public health, and is a lifelong learner in the areas of joy and love.

Bart Westdijk, New England Grassroots Environment Fund

Bart Westdijk comes to the Grassroots Fund from the Netherlands. His interest in local solutions and grassroots initiatives comes from his world travels and thesis study focus on multinational corporations’ potential to help alleviate poverty (yes, possible, especially if there is a real focus on local engagement and transfer of knowledge). The first 20 years of his life Bart spent in Zwijndrecht, a town just south of multi-cultural Rotterdam. His international travels began when he was 7. During summer holidays he and his family traveled to many different countries seeding his interest in different cultures and customs. Before coming to Vermont, Bart spent a semester in New Zealand and lived a year in China (2004-2005) working as an English and Business teacher. Seeing the conditions in which large parts of the population lived further fueled his interest in development and true local problem-solving.

Bart lives on the shore of Lake Champlain in Burlington with his wife Sabrina, son Liam, step-daughter Olivia and Emma the dog. He works from the Grassroots Fund’s satellite location in Burlington (VT) and shares office space with the Center for Whole Communities right on Lake Champlain. As Director of Operations, Bart focuses on a variety of tasks ranging from strategic program development to fundraising, and from Grow grant program review to Local Food-related research and network participation. His main focus has been on the participatory process, ensuring protocols and practices throughout the organization center equity.

Bart has served as president on the board of the VT Community Garden Network from 2007 to 2012. He is currently involved with a start-up collaborative brew pub and is engaging in conversations to launch permablitzes with a particular focus on class, privilege and equity around Chittenden County.





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“This was a great webinar with some great new ideas! I have sat in on many many webinars and usually it is a lot of ideas I have heard or are already using. There were really good, unique things happening here and I was thrilled to hear about them.”
– Webinar Participant, “Learning the ABC’s of Farm2Childcare”