The CFN Webinar Series

The CFN offers webinars on high priority food system and network development topics to share innovative approaches, key findings, & lessons learned in order to reduce duplication, leverage knowledge, & grow our collective capacity. Some webinars are followed by regionally-focused videoconferences so you can dig in deeper from the comfort of your office or home.


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Shared Gifting Simulation – May 7, 2019
Participatory Grantmaking Journey (Part 2)

With support from the University of Minnesota Extension, the Simulation will prepare funders, the Network, and community for a true shared gifting event.

There are two ways to participate in the Simulation. Participants can join as pseudo fund seekers or as observers. During the simulation, fund seekers will develop a mock community project idea that supports a shift in power within the food system. They will actively share their community project idea, listen to other ideas, and gift money during the simulation. Observers will actively listen and learn throughout the simulation process, and will reflect what they’ve learned at the end of the shared gifting circle.

Watch this video: Gifting Power

Read this blog:  RSF Reflection on Shared Gifting

Visit this website: UMN Shared Gifting Process

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Participatory Grantmaking Journey

The Chesapeake Foodshed Network invites you to join us on a Participatory Grantmaking Journey. The Journey provides an opportunity to engage in transformational learning and build a new culture around funding in the food system.

Participatory grantmaking & shared gifting circles are mechanisms to shift power, include community in decision-making, & increase collaboration, solidarity and accountability.

The CFN will host a three-part participatory grantmaking series, which culminates in a true shared gifting event. The three parts of the Journey are intended to build on one another but can stand alone. Funders, community members, Network leadership, and potential grant applicants are invited to participate. Everyone is welcome!

4 Biases in Decision Making – March 21, 2019
Participatory Grantmaking Journey (Part 1)

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Shared Gifting Simulation – May 7, 2019
Participatory Grantmaking Journey (Part 2)

Limited spots available.
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Shared Gifting Event – Fall 2019
Participatory Grantmaking Journey (Part 3)

Using new skills gained from the Simulation, CFN will offer an opportunity for the Network, funders, and others to participate in a true shared gifting event.

Calling all funders and donors!  Join the CFN and the New England Grassroots Environment Fund in contributing funding to support the shared gifting event. Click here to request more info and to let us know of your interest. 

More details coming soon, including how to be a fund seeker!

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“This was a great webinar with some great new ideas! I have sat in on many many webinars and usually it is a lot of ideas I have heard or are already using. There were really good, unique things happening here and I was thrilled to hear about them.”
– Webinar Participant, “Learning the ABC’s of Farm2Childcare”