We can all be philanthropists.

Shift power. Shift resources.

Transform the food system.


Chesapeake Foodshed Network (CFN) believes that in order to address the biggest challenges in the food system, we need to start with the communities that are most impacted.  They have lived experience, knowledge, and solutions. Due to the way funds typically get distributed, and to whom, communities most impacted often do not have access to the necessary funds to implement their solutions.  CFN is joining others to shift power and resources to grassroots communities in a 2020 Shared Gifting Event. 

Consider Getting Involved or Contributing to the Community Piggy Bank!

Join a planning committee, consider an in-kind donation, or give to the piggy bank, which will power this event and fund grassroots food system changemakers!

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CFN has raised over 10K and is looking for financial partners to match a $5,000 challenge grant from the New England Grassroots Environment Fund!

To see the Shared Gifting Event through, we need your help with:

  •   funding for the shared grants and operational costs;
  •   in-kind donations of convening space and other goods; and
  •   referrals to other foundations, individual donors, or donor-advised funds that might be a good fit.

With your help we can host a powerful event gifting funds to people on the ground doing the work! 

Help us drive food system change by creating more access to financial resources to the community organizations doing amazing grassroots work!

Want to join one of the planning committees?  Email us to find out more,

Want to learn more about Participatory Grantmaking?  Over the last year, CFN hosted a Participatory Grantmaking and Shared Gifting Learning Journey, learning from colleagues at University of Minnesota Extension and The New England Grassroots Environment Fund 

All our programs are archived and accessible here