Local Concepts, LLC

Local Concepts, LLC provides network management support for the Chesapeake Foodshed Network

Local Concepts, LLC is a social enterprise with the goal of building networks to accelerate the pace of change.

The team is comprised of experts in a wide range of sustainable development and natural resource fields committed to working with communities, organizations, and businesses to address sustainable development challenges.  Local Concepts works with clients to strategically identify the best combination of services and tools to support the development and growth of their network, community group, organization or business.

Local Concepts, LLC provides network management services to the Chesapeake Foodshed Network, a multi-state initiative, designed to strategically build connections and foster collaborations to catalyze food system reform. Food system reform requires a network approach because no one organization can address the inherent complexities in the food system. If we want to see big change, we have to intentionally work together. The Chesapeake Foodshed Network provides communications, education/training and collaboration infrastructure to bring people together to drive change.

At Local Concepts we believe that strong relationships and mutual trust form the solid foundation needed for transformation. As our relationships grow and trust increases the opportunities to align and collaborate with others dramatically improves. It is at this point that we can unite towards the common goal of food system reform.  Local Concepts aims to magnify the impact of individual organizations and businesses by creating more cohesion among those working towards common goals.

Christy Gabbard


Network Manager 
With over twenty years of experience in the fields of agriculture, food systems, and natural resources, Christy works across diverse geographic scales (local to multi-state) developing programs and services to strengthen connectivity and drive collaborative action for change. Under Gabbard’s leadership, Local Concepts, LLC provides network management services to the Chesapeake Foodshed Network, a multi-state initiative, designed to strategically build connections and foster collaborations to catalyze food system reform.


Sonia Keiner


Communications & Development
Sonia has worked at the intersection of social justice, food justice, education and the arts since 2001. Her work across many sectors has helped her build a diverse skill set including grant-writing, community building/organizing, programming, communications & outreach. Sonia has a BS in Psychology and a MA in Education Policy & Leadership. As a seasoned photographer and beginning videographer, she is especially interested in new media, designing information for beauty and accessibility, and visual storytelling for social change. A permaculture practitioner, Sonia lives on an historic property in Bowie, MD.

Sade Anderson, PhD


Programs Director
Since 2012 Dr. Sade Anderson has been involved in the food justice and sovereignty movement in Washington, D.C. and Prince George’s County, MD helping to shape food education, access, and sustainability.
As a single mother, community organizer, scholar, food and farm advocate, nutrition educator, and birth companion, Sade finds herself at these intersections helping to decolonize and liberate our minds, bodies, and spirits to create a healthier and more sustainable future for the next generation. Dr. Anderson has a Bachelor’s of Science in History from Bowie State University, a Master’s of Professional Studies in Africana Studies from Cornell University and a PhD in African Diaspora Studies and Anthropology from the University of Texas at Austin.
Since joining the food movement in 2012 Sade served as a nutrition educator with local gardens and farms in the DMV area and eventually went on to become the Program Manager of Oldways African Heritage and Health Program. Most recently Sade joined Black Dirt Farm Collective, a collective of Black farmers, academics, foodpreneurs, educators, scholars, and organizers, working to promote Afroecology and reconnecting Black communities to land, food, and healing. Professionally, Dr. Anderson has recently been an independent consultant helping government agencies better engage with communities through research, outreach, dialogue, innovation, advocacy, and facilitation. Sade is excited to be a part of the Local Concepts team as Program Director. For self-care Sade enjoys reading, yoga, dancing, spending time in nature, and quality time with her son, partner and family.

Vallie Edenbo


Communications & Administration

Vallie is a communications professional with experience in agriculture, conservation, and environmental science. Her approach is strategic, collaborative, and creative. She developed her communications skills in the non-profit sector at Bosler Memorial Library where she served as the organization’s first Community Relations Coordinator and completed the Communications Director Mentorship Program. She has worked as a vegetable farm apprentice and farm manager, holds a Permaculture Design Certificate, and has operated her own Community Supported Agriculture business, Garden of Edenbo. She is currently collaborating with her neighbors to grow fresh food that they enjoy with each other and their families.