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Food & Resource Recovery Work Group | Chesapeake Foodshed Network

Food & Resource Recovery Work Group


The CFN Food & Resource Recovery Work Group (FRRWG) comprises stakeholders representing Food Recovery, Food Waste Reduction, Food Repurposing, Food Conservation, & related areas, with a focus on regional solutions, & challenges.

Purpose:  To facilitate learning, connection, and action that supports food and resource recovery, food waste reduction, and food conservation in the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

Come to the table! All are welcome!

Interim Co-chairs: Sue Dalandan (Lehigh Valley Food Policy) &
Previous Co-chairs: Nancy Nunn, Harry R. Hughes Center for Agro-ecology; Jill Jefferson, Shenandoah County

Participate in the FRRWG Google Group by emailing  cfn-food-recovery+subscribe@googlegroups.com or filling out the contact form below.

Next meeting: This work group is on simmer right, taking a break to recalibrate and figure out regional needs. Check out our archived minutes and webinars (below) to learn more.

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Learn more about food & resource recovery, reducing food waste, & reconceptualizing food waste as resource. Share information with other participants via the FWRWG Google Group. See what the Work Group has been up to, view resources, check out past meeting agendas & minutes in the FWRWG Drive Folder, & join the next meeting!


Connect with the FWRWG at quarterly meetings & identify alignment across the region. The FWRWG uses Zoom videoconferencing to facilitates virtual face-to-face meetings across the Chesapeake Bay watershed. If you have a video camera on your computer, you are encouraged to try joining by video. It’s new for most of us! You are also welcome to join by computer audio or phone.


Act with the FWRWG as participants agree on regional needs & priorities around food & resource recovery. The Work Group leverages participant interests, experience, & connections to bring in topical experts, host educational webinars, & work toward further collective action.

“I feel like I’ve been in a silo with food waste composting and the only way to really grow is to join forces….so having the CFN is pretty powerful.”

Brenda Platt

Co-Director, Institute for Local Self-Reliance (ILSR)


“We developed another show from the CFN resource guide, based on posts about the Food Waste & Recovery Work Group.”
– Valerie Williams, Center for Emerging Media

“I thought [the FWRWG webinar] was a fantastic presentation that offered great resources to follow up on. We are starting a Green Team at our hospital, and I brought all this information with me to our last meeting. It gave us a great place to start.”
Webinar Participant, “Repurposing Food & Reducing Risk” a CFN Food Waste & Recovery Work Group webinar, January 2017

Here’s a Google Drive & Google Group Tutorial for the Food Waste & Recovery Work Group!

The Food & Resource Recovery Group plans and hosts webinars throughout the year.  Check them out.

“Food Recovery in Maryland: An Example of Statewide Organizing,” May 2017

This webinar features insights from the first state in the Chesapeake foodshed to organize a statewide food recovery summit. Learn about findings and next steps of nearly 200 stakeholders from local, state, & federal governments, non-profits, the retail food industry, local schools, hospitals, & environmental groups focused on preventing, donating, & recycling surplus food across the state. Consider strategies & creative solutions to recovering food that would otherwise be landfilled. This presentation also includes a preview of statewide food waste characterization data & related legislation from the 2017 Session.Not from MD? Check out the webinar to see how it relates to your state! To access the presentation slide decks, presenter bios, & related resources, click here. 

“Repurposing Food, Reducing Risk,” Jan., 2017

This webinar features Nicole Civita, Director of the Food Recovery Project, presenting “Repurposing Food, Reducing Risk: Legal & Practical Dimensions of Putting Excess Food to its Highest & Best Use.” To access the presentation slide decks, presenter bios, related resources and more, click here. 


“Community Food Rescue: A Model to Feed More & Waste Less,” May, 2016

In Montgomery County, MD, 78,000 people are food insecure while 246,000 tons of food is wasted each year. This webinar introduces viewers to how Community Food Rescue, a program of Manna Food Center, is tackling the twin problems of food waste and food insecurity. Cheryl Kollin, Program Director share their process and best practices for building a countywide, coordinated network for collective impact. To access the presentation slide decks, presenter bios, related resources and more, click here. 



“A New Year’s Resolution You’ll Want to Keep: Green Your Community and Reduce Your Food Waste,” Jan., 2016