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Network Weaving | Chesapeake Foodshed Network

Network Weaving

The CFN is cultivating a more connected & collaborative culture throughout the Chesapeake Bay region through the development of an intentional & strategic action network of interdependent food system stakeholders.


Network weaving is essential for the growth & functioning of the CFN. The CFN offers travel support, organizes network gatherings,  facilitates professional development & shared learning to strengthen the network & provide meaningful opportunities to grow capacity. CFN programs that support network weaving include webinars, videoconferences & virtual discussions, in-person meetings, regional tours, & workshops that create spaces to share lessons learned, hear from experts, & strengthen our collective capacity.

A network is “any sustained effort around which different, autonomous organizations work in concert as equal partners in pursuit of a common social or civic purpose.”

–  Networks that Work, Paul Vandeventer and Myrna Mandell

Travel Support: Conferences, workshops, and other meetings provide excellent venues for learning and networking, but travel expenses can prevent people from attending. The CFN organizes travel delegations and provides stipends to network participants so that travel expenses are not an obstacle.

Network  Gatherings: Want to co-host a network gathering?  The CFN hosts & (co)-hosts  gatherings to cross-pollinate people, organizations and resources.  Contact us!  We’d love to partner!

Have an idea or request that supports network weaving? Let us know.

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CFN Network Weaving Webinars & Events

“Enterprising Nonprofits How to Accelerate Revenue and Impact”, July 2016

Presented by Chris Longston and Donald Summers of Altruist Partners, this webinar is an introduction to the major concepts of how nonprofits are functioning like social enterprises. Attendees learn how nonprofits of all sizes are using three major management tools to optimize their programs, people, plans, and revenue.

“Tools & Practices for Highly Effective Networks Videoconference”, Sept. 2016

Presented by June Holley, author of the Network Weaver’s Handbook, this interactive videoconference introduces participants to the latest thinking and practice in building effective networks, including how to nurture a network mindset, identifying strategic connections, and how to encourage self-organizing to get more people engaged. The session also reviews the use of digital tools and platforms to support networks.


“For Us By Us: Community Ownership & the Food System in DC”, Network Development Webinar, Jan. 2017

Brandy Brooks & Chris Bradshaw of Dreaming Out Loud and Xavier Brown of Soilful City unpack strategies for creating a more equitable and inclusive food system, locating power, recourses and ownership with the community.

In October 2016 the Chesapeake Foodshed Network partnered with the Virginia Food System Council to host a networking event, “Cultivate, Catalyze, Connect: A Gathering of Virginia Food System Councils and Networks” in Lynchburg, VA. Together with staff from the Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future, including author and food system specialist Mark Winne, the VFSC convened over 60 people from across the state to meet, share information, learn how to develop a food policy council and an advocacy plan, and learn more about the VFSC and how we can help grow a vibrant food system. As a result of this gathering, the VFSC is working to create a directory of food councils throughout the state to foster better communication and resource sharing.